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Organic Olive Oil
The treasure of Crete

Very close to Matala Valley Village are the olive groves of the Fasoulaki family, combining the tradition of Crete with olive oil and hospitality.Our organic extra virgin olive oil with high nutritional value is now offered at the hotel shop to buy! You can find the “ Fasoulakis” cretan olive oil in Bottles of 500ml and 750ml . Premium , Organic , high phenolic , Extra virgin olive oil. From early-harvest olives. Certified with health claim (Commission Regulation [EU] 432/2012 for high levels of oleocanthal and oleacin, related with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective and neuroprotective activity. Produced from the Organic Olive Groves of Fasoulakis Family / Matala Valley Village. Over 30 years we grow olive groves in family estates and produce quality olive oil for us and the guests of our hotel business. Recently we have proceeded to integrate our estates into organic certification of our cultivation methods. We believe in the natural environment and everyone's right to health. That's why we use only natural cultivation methods. The reward comes to us not so much in quantity but in the quality of this living olive oil that nature gives us.

100% organic juice
From fresh certified oranges

Dimitris Fasoulakis and Valley Village Farms offers guests the best vitamin bomb to boost mood and immunity!

100% organic orange juice pressed directly from fresh certified organic oranges harvested from our plantation. Drink this juice first thing in the morning, It will make you feel energetic and in a very good mood the rest of the day.

Matala Honey
Organic homemade honey

Our bees and its magical world have inspired us to deal with beekeeping. Near the hotel we maintain a small bee farm and we are happy to have our own
Home–harvest honey. During May and June, when the supers are full of flower honey, it's time to extract it. We extract the honey using a traditional manual extractor using centrifugal power. During extraction, the honey is never heated to preserve all its health benefits. The honey is only passes through a coarse filter that catches large wax particles but keeps the beneficial fragments of pollen and propolis. Once finished, the undamaged combs are returned to the bees.
To make sure our bees have an abundance of food all year around, we plant bee-friendly trees, shrubs, plants and even flowering meadows.
We invite you to visit our bee yard. Our organic homemade honey is available at our hotel .